A group of youth workers met with Dr. Jack Hyles in 1972 to discuss the idea of a brand-new concept.  Pastors’ School had become an annual meeting for pastors and workers since the first meeting in 1964, why couldn't we do the same type of meeting in the summer, but for teenagers?  Youth Conference was born.  There was nothing like it anywhere in the world.  Nobody had ever tried a youth conference before.  Would it work?  Would people come?  How long would it last?

The first annual Youth Conference was held at First Baptist Church in Hammond in June of 1973. A few hundred teenagers came and the phenomenon of an annual youth conference was started.  Since that summer, hundreds of thousands of teenagers have made the annual trip to Hammond for Youth Conference.  Powerful preaching, soul-stirring music, hilarious skits, and life-changing decisions have set Youth Conference Hammond apart since 1973!  Thousands of Christian workers have had their lives changed and are in the ministry today because of a decision they made at Youth Conference in Hammond.

It has been nick-named the “grand-daddy of them all.”  The Youth Conference that started all other youth conferences.  Whether or not that is true, Youth Conference Hammond is still going strong today with the same powerful preaching, soul-stirring music, hilarious skits, and life-changing decisions that started it all over 40 years ago.