The job market in the Chicagoland area is one of the best in the nation. Many Fortune 500 companies are based in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Within a forty-five minute drive of our campus there are literally thousands of jobs available for the student who is willing to work.

At Hyles-Anderson College, we want to make it as easy as possible for our students to finance their college education. Our Student Employment Resource Center (SERC) has developed relationships with a wide variety of local businesses throughout the Chicagoland area to help secure great jobs for our students as they study for the ministry.

Due to our close proximity to Chicago, the demand for honest, hard-working employees is very high, and Hyles-Anderson College students have a great reputation as dependable workers that businesses are eager to hire. SERC works diligently with local employers to help provide jobs for our students with pay adequate enough to pay their school bills each month.

The Student Transportation Department provides local transportation to and from work within a specific transportation route. This convenience makes it possible for our students to get rides to and from work each day and allows them greater flexibility in finding a well-paying job within a few miles of the Hyles-Anderson College campus.

For those who meet the criteria, on-campus employment is available on a limited basis to offset the cost of room and board. For information about on-campus employment opportunities, please visit the Scholarships page.

For more information about the Student Employment Resource Center or for job openings in the local area, please visit the HACSERC Facebook group. To submit a job opportunity for our students please use this form. If you have any questions, please contact our SERC Director, Mr. Aaron King at or by calling 219.365.4031 extension 1122.