Summer School 2020

Online courses available May 1-August 4. Registration begins April 25.



Achim Lulsdorf | Dr. Pete Cowling | Stephen Ray

Course Description:

An apologetics course that will cover the Biblical account of Creation; science and the Bible; assumptions, myths, and the scientific method.

Contemporary Church History


David Sorenson

Course Description:

This course briefly covers religious beliefs and errors starting in the 1700s and continuing through today. Modernism, Neo-orthodoxy, the Evangelical Movement, the “Emerging Church”, and Calvinism will be discussed along with the roots of Fundamentalism and the Independent Baptist Movement.

Other Classes

Essentials of Student Counseling (2 credits)

Children’s Literature (3 credits)

Church Education I (4 credits)

Greek I (3 credits)

Music in the Soul-Winning Church (2 credits)

Evangelistic Song Leading (2 credits)

Old Testament Survey (3 credits)

New Testament Survey (3 credits)

Teaching Math (3 credits)

Acts of the Apostles (2 credits)

Fundamentals of Music (2 credits)

Grammar II (3 credits)

English Composition I (3 credits)

Biographies of Great Missionaries (2 credits)

Biblical Missions (2 credits)

Teaching Reading and Language Arts (3 credits)

U.S. History (3 credits)

Youth Ministry I (2 credits)

Youth Ministry II (2 credits)

Church Education II (4 credits)


  • Courses taken for college credit – $150 per credit.
  • Courses taken for audit (non-credit) – $25 per course.
  • All courses will be taught and taken through an online format.
  • Courses are available May 1 through August 4.
  • Registration for these courses begins April 25.
  • To register, please contact the Academic Office at 219.365.4031, Ext. 1210 or