Hyles-Anderson College Music

Introducing 3 new CDs


Let Us Sing

  1. Sing, Oh, Sing Echoes of Grace
  2. Saved to the Uttermost Hylander Singing Men
  3. He’s Still God Honor and Majesty
  4. I’m Too Near Home Sons of the Prophets
  5. Resurrection Morn Grace and Truth (with Tour Choir)
  6. I Can Go In Ladies Ensemble
  7. Embrace the Cross Sons of the Prophets
  8. I Will Be Strong Honor and Majesty (with Evan LaFountain)
  9. God Handled It All Hylander Chorale
  10. His Life for Mine Grace and Truth
  11. Walk Worthy Hylander Singing Men
  12. God of My Praise Concert Choir

Stand Strong

Hylander Singing Men

  1. Stand Strong
  2. I Always Have a Song To Sing
  3. Satisfied
  4. Lord, I'm Thankful
  5. I'm Free Again
  6. Jesus, What a Wonderful Name
  7. I Believe
  8. Calvary Answers for Me
  9. I Know It Was the Blood
  10. We Will Stand Our Ground

Let Freedom Ring

  1. Let Freedom Ring Hylander Singing Men
  2. A Hero For Today Hylander Singing Men
  3. America, Keep Holding to God's Hand Songs of Praise
  4. Bring Back the Cross Hylander Singing Men
  5. We Pledge Our Lives Hylander Chorale
  6. It Has Always Been The Soldier Hylander Chorale
  7. America, the Beautiful Sons of the Prophets
  8. I'm Just a Flag Waving American Hylander Chorale
  9. Under God Hylander Singing Men
  10. I Pledge My Allegiance Hylander Singing Men
  11. Faith of our Fathers Hylander Singing Men
  12. I Love This Land Called Out Quartet

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