Hyles-Anderson College Music


I’m Amazed

Hyles-Anderson College music groups come together again in 2019 for a brand-new recording featuring 13 powerful songs. This fully-orchestrated album is sure to be an encouragement and a blessing to you as you consider our amazing God!

  1. Nothing Ever Can, Nothing Ever Will
  2. Hold Up The Light
  3. The Cross Is Calling
  4. Revive Us Again Medley
  5. He Is Risen
  6. Lord Most High
  7. My Life, Lord, Is Yours To Control
  8. Redeemed Medley
  9. To The Christ Who Gave It All
  10. Then Sings My Soul
  11. Forever We Honor Your Name
  12. One Holy Lamb
  13. I'm Amazed

Songs From Our Heart

A collection of original compositions written by the students and faculty of Hyles-Anderson College. These songs truly represent the hearts of our music students and the heart of their teacher, Miss Adri Ludwick.

  1. He Is Enough
  2. The Blessed Old Book
  3. Refine Me, Lord
  4. Jesus Wants to Walk with You Today
  5. As Long as You're Glorified
  6. All About Faith
  7. Well Done
  8. See What God Can Do
  9. Lord, Here's My Life
  10. The Light of the Cross
  11. You Deserve My Praise
  12. Not My Will

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