Chapel is the highlight of every day. It is full of spirit-filled preaching and uplifting music. It is never dry or dull. Chapel gives you an extra push for the weekend ministries.
Josh Barnes, Class of 2018
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Chapel is the heartbeat of Hyles-Anderson College. Imagine attending a revival meeting every day complete with inspiring music, sweet fellowship, and powerful preaching. At Hyles-Anderson College, chapel is just that! For over 40 years, we have been blessed by preaching and teaching from great men of God who have and are reaching the world for the cause of Christ.

There is nothing like chapel at Hyles-Anderson College! We can tell you about it, but you have to experience it for yourself to know what we mean. As a student, you will be edified, exhorted, challenged, convicted, and encouraged by the leading pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian workers from around the world.

You can get a taste of what chapel is like at Hyles-Anderson College by listening to some of our most recent sermons online.