What We Expect

Hyles-Anderson College staff, students, and volunteers are expected to carry themselves in a Christlike manner and live their lives above reproach.

Appropriate codes of conduct are utilized at Hyles-Anderson College as a tool to develop and maintain a positive culture on campus.  Safeguards are in place regarding admissions, employment, and volunteer opportunities in order to protect all those who come on the Hyles-Anderson College campus.  All employees, students, and regular volunteers must agree to undergo a background check and must agree to adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Hyles-Anderson College is committed to providing a physical, emotional and spiritual environment that is safe for all staff, faculty, students, and campus visitors. In making this commitment, Hyles-Anderson College encourages its members to:

  • Take reasonable care for one’s own health and safety
  • Take reasonable care that one’s own actions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons
  • Act on concerns raised regarding another’s well-being
  • Know and follow the law in relation to reporting harm
  • Foster a culture of safety, compassion, and service while on campus and in related ministry

Since the staff and students of Hyles-Anderson College regularly participate in the outreach ministries of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, all employees, students, and regular volunteers are required to review and accept the Child Protection Policy of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.  Staff and students are instructed in appropriate behavior regarding interaction with children and vulnerable people.

(Click here to view the Child Protection Policy of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana)

In an effort to protect those who would attend Hyles-Anderson College, the college maintains a zero-tolerance approach to registrable sex-offenders to be considered as staff, students, or volunteers.

Hyles-Anderson College is committed to a caring and appropriate response should any suspicion, allegation, disclosure, or complaint of misconduct or abuse occur. The college administration will communicate with local law enforcement regarding any illegal activity.

  • We vehemently condemn any actions of abuse or misconduct directed toward any man, woman, or child.  We stand in support of victims and desire for justice to be served.
  • We are committed to take every accusation of abuse seriously and to handle each situation swiftly and appropriately according to the law.
  • We are committed to not tolerate any abusive behavior amongst our students, members, employees, and volunteers, particularly involving children and vulnerable adults.
  • We are committed to not tolerate the failure of any student, member, employee, or volunteer to report an allegation or suspicion of abuse.
  • We are committed to provide education to our students, members, employees, and volunteers regarding appropriate codes of conduct specifically when interacting with children and all vulnerable people.  We have an established Child Protection Policy as well as a Whistle Blower Policy to guide in providing safety and protection for every man, woman, and child of First Baptist Church and all related ministries.
  • We are committed to provide a safe environment for victims to come forward and to connect them with the proper municipal authorities for a thorough investigation.  We encourage anyone who has been victimized to immediately report the incident and to appropriately identify those involved to their local authorities.

Any further questions or concerns may be directed to Mr. Rick Sparks.