The Hylander Athletics Department provides a great opportunity for young men to compete in a variety of intramural sports including the following: contact flag football, soccer, and basketball. Ladies can compete in a ladies’ volleyball league. All students are encouraged to participate in weekly gym nights that include basketball and volleyball.

Intramural league games are scheduled to accommodate both school and work schedules so students won’t miss out on any of the action. Since Hylander Athletics is an intramural program, everyone has the opportunity to participate and compete.

Hyles-Anderson College is home to a full gymnasium with a weight-lifting room, fitness center, basketball/volleyball facilities, and locker rooms. Championship games in football and basketball are attended by the entire student body and are highlights of each school year.

Our athletics program is designed to give each student the balance of strength and beauty that will benefit them for a lifetime. The Hylander Athletics Department helps to instill the character, discipline, and teamwork needed to do a great work for God.