Summer Tour

Meet the groups!

Grace and Truth

Region Lower Midwest
Tour Members
Joe Vassak
Cassandra Rivera
Sam Moberly
Susanna Martin

Honor and Majesty

Region Midwest
Tour Members
(left to right)
Dora Kaighen
Bethany Bicknell
Gwen Woosley
Ruby Woosley
Meghan Duff
Tour Preacher Eddie Lapina

Hylander Singing Men

Region East
Tour Members
(left to right)
Alex Rivera
Trevor Cowling
Jonathan Adkins
Andy Gomez
Tour Preacher Anthony Collins

Joyful Melodies

Tour Members
(left to right)
Abigail Turner
Karen Hudson
Becka Bosje
Sarah Bosje
Abbie Lance
Meaghan Moore

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